MidTree Kids

Explore the ministry opportunities for your children at MidTree Church

At MidTree Church, we seek to Engage, EnticeEnthuse and Equip children.

We want to Engage their hearts, minds and bodies each Sunday through discussion and games.

We want to Entice their hearts for the gospel. Each week kids will learn a story from the Bible and have a chance to discuss it with Mid Tree member volunteers.

We want to Enthuse their hearts for Christ and Equip them with sound Biblical teaching at their level. 

We offer children’s ministry from 6 weeks old to completion of 4th grade. We currently have a a nursery class from 6 weeks to walking and a 1-3 year old class for our youngest MidTree kids. For our school age kids (Pre-k - 4th grade), we have stations that include story, Games/Activity and sometimes craft. *Class breakdown will be adjusted when we move into our building in 2022. 

Got questions?

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